Foaming Black Soap Non Scented 8oz btl

$ 13.00
Foaming Black Soap Non Scented 8oz btl -
Our fashioned Foaming Black Soap was formulated for a superior cleansing of the face and hands. (However it can Be used all over). Our formulation was created because the need for liquid soap today is in great demand. We have not scented this foaming black soap. (Our NON-SCENTED VERSION). We then blended it with coconut oil, cocoa pod ashes, plantain skin ashes and palm oil for a thorough cleansing. This is the perfect black soap for those who enjoy the (genuine article) authentic black soap imported from Ghana. Housed in a fantastic foaming bottle to give you an ample pump filled with a soft silky fluff of lather. This luxurious formula gives a deep pore cleansing experience, which is designed to fight free radicals, germs and bacteria. Can be used as facial cleanser for oily and acne prone skin types and a host of other skin types as well.

**Butter Therapy does not endorse, claim or recommend our products for any medicinal purposes concerning cures or healing of any condition or disease, we suggest you seek professional advice and help.

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