Curl, Wave & Twist Cream 8oz jar

$ 21.50
Curl, Wave & Twist Cream 8oz jar -

Our Curl, Wave & Twist Cream is a must have for the natural hair enthusiast, unlike any other natural hair product on the market today. Your natural crown will enjoy much needed moisture and shine without the heaviness or the buildup that most other products causes. This uniquely blended product helps retain moisture and helps define your natural coil patterns like no other while adding vital nourishment. You will also enjoy easy manageability, and maintenance repair controllability. With its great hydration system for hair, it helps to illustrate the natural curl pattern, it helps to refine twist, locks and waves. It offers shiney and smooth twist and curl transition. This is what you'll get when you curl, wave, twist or lock your hair with this one of a kind rich and creamy styler. (YES LOCKS CAN BE STARTED WITH THIS PRODUCT) Made especially for highly textured hair, yet, is a superior product for all hair. Contains nurturing butters like mango, Shea, avocado, coconut and proprietary ingredients that lock in moisture. *We also specially design this product for those who may not be able to use one or more of the ingredients in this product, just reach out to us.

**Butter Therapy does not endorse, claim or recommend our products for any medicinal purposes concerning cures or healing of any condition or disease, we suggest you seek professional advice and help.

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